Membership Renewal

Membership Renewal

It’s Time to Renew Your Company’s DCAT Membership

The newly enhanced renewal application and payment process are now ready to use.

Thank you for your patience! Our new Renewal Application has been completed, and DCAT is now ready for you to renew your company’s membership in the DCAT organization.

We suggest you review the User Guide before beginning the renewal and payment process. The Guide will take you through the renewal questions step-by-step and identify those questions where you’ll need to furnish additional information regarding your company. You may want to determine the answers prior to starting the online renewal process. Some of the new questions include:

PRIMARY BUSINESS CATEGORIES. Select up to four categories to best describe your company’s PRIMARY Business Activities. To be displayed on the public website and within the member portal. Helping members find other members.

EMAIL DOMAIN(S). You will have the opportunity to review and revise your company’s active email domains. This information is critical as we use email domain matching for Member Company employees to gain access to event registration and exclusive member content in our community portal.

DESCRIBE YOUR COMPANY’S STRUCTURE. Is your company a standalone, division or wholly owned subsidiary.

OWNERSHIP STATUS. Is your company publicly traded or privately owned.

MINORITY BUSINESS CERTFICATION (FOR US COMPANIES ONLY). Does your company have a Minority Business Enterprise Certification from the National Minority Supplier Council (NMSDC).

VAT or TIN INFO. For invoicing purposes.

To best serve our Members, we are requesting each organization identify the employees who will be responsible for managing their company’s engagement with us in the following categories:


Payment is due October 31, 2023. Dues received after November 10, 2023, are subject to a 10% late fee. Should you have any questions, please direct them to our Director of Member Services, Lauryn Kuna, at [email protected]. Thank you.

About Company Membership & Dues Renewal for Fiscal Year 2024

The Annual Membership dues support DCAT’s mission to provide learning experiences and industry activities that enhance knowledge and create opportunities for Members to expand their network of customers and suppliers throughout the global Bio/Pharmaceutical manufacturing value chain.

The DCAT organization has a two-tier membership dues structure based on the number of your company’s worldwide employees. Companies with less than 499 employees pay $3,300.00; those with more than 500 employees pay $6,600.00.

The 2024 DCAT Membership Period has closed. The 2025 DCAT Membership Year (November 1, 2024 – October 31, 2025), will open in August 2024.

Several contacts at each company are designated to receive or have access to the dues renewal information. We suggest that you contact [email protected] and confirm your contact information if you are in charge of Membership renewal at your company.

Annual Membership Dues payment is due by October 31st. Dues received after November 10th are subject to a 10% late fee. Dues received after December 31st are subject to a 25% reinstatement fee.