Alliance for Industry Women Webinar Series

Alliance for Industry Women Webinar Series


DCAT’s Alliance for Industry Women Committee Webinar Series offers complimentary, one-hour webinars exclusively to DCAT member company representatives. Presented on a quarterly basis, these webinars feature subject matter experts discussing various topics such as work-life balance, technology, communication skills, leadership development, and more.

Information on upcoming webinars will be posted here. Some of our past webinars are still available for members to view. Please contact DCAT’s Meeting Operations Manager at [email protected] for more information.

Upcoming Webinars

Confidence is NOT Rocket Science: How to Overcome the Self-doubt of Impostor Syndrome
September 12, 2024 | 10:00 AM ET
Speaker Maureen Zappala tackles Imposter Syndrome and dives into how this chronic self-doubt hits people in every industry, at every level. But there’s help! You can silence that impostor voice so you can fearlessly move ahead without feeling like a fraud. Be released from the clench of the counterfeit.

Past Webinars

  • The Art of Negotiating for Your Career (October 2023)
    Presenter: Sally Macaluso
  • Build a Momentum Mindset®: How to Be More Adaptable, Resilient and Ready for What’s Next (September 2023)
    Presenter: Kim Becking
    Use passcode H.&2Vg1k to view the recorded webinar.
    Download the You Are Allowed card here.
  • Moving Past Perfectionism: Being Better Than Perfect (May 2023)
    Presenter: Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph.D.
    Use passcode 2DgK9%m0 to view the recorded webinar.
  • Excelling in a Multigenerational Workplace (December 2022)
    Presenters: Fran Zipp, Marion Kuhn, Lillie Talon
    Use passcode b%.kk%3d to view the recorded webinar.
  • Master the Human Side of Negotiations (October 2022)
    Presenter: Gopal RajGuru
  • How to Money: Your Ultimate Guide to the Basics of Finance (May 2022)
    Presenter: Jean Chatzky
  • Lessons in Leadership: An Exclusive Live Chat with Women Leaders in Pharma (October 2021)
    Presenters: Priyanka Chigurupati, Lisa Martin, Karin Shanahan
    Use passcode 05s%D3nH to view the recorded webinar.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Developing Strategies to Strengthen Workplace Culture (September 2021)
    Presenter: Sara Westbrook
  • Digital Body Language: How to Build Trust and Connection, No Matter the Distance (May 2021)
    Presenter: Erica Dhawan
  • Virtual Women’s Networking Breakfast
    Get Big Things Done: The Power of Connectional Intelligence 
    (March 2021)
    Presenter: Erica Dhawan
  • Bite-Sized Tips to Building Your Brand on LinkedIn (February 2021)
    Presenter: Mary Fain Brandt
  • Presentation Skills: Think Like An Actor, Speak Like A Pro (October 2020)
    Presenter: Eleni Kelakos
  • Personal Agility – The Foundation for Leading Through Uncertainty and Disruption (September 2020)
    Presenter: Carol Seymour
  • How to Stay Connected, Productive and Happy Working From Home (May 2020)
    Presenter: Jennifer Lynn Robinson
  • Lead Like a Girl (September 2019)
    Presenter: Leslie Riley
  • Effective Communication for Leaders and their Team Members (May 2019)
    Presenter: John Bates
  • 5 Tips To Maximize Your Impact & Results on LinkedIn (November 2018)
    Presenter: Donna Serdula
  • New Rules of Women’s Leadership (May 2018)
    Presenter: Eleanor Beaton
  • The Feminine Leadership Model (February 2018)
    Presenter: Monique Tallon
  • The Chemistry of Communication (November 2017)
    Presenter: Robyn Hatcher

About DCAT Alliance for Industry Women Committee

Responsible for programs and special events that will create opportunities to educate, inform and inspire the women in the pharmaceutical industry. The committee activities include creating quarterly webinars, publications and posting topical social media conversations. The committee also develops and hosts the Women’s Networking Breakfast during DCAT Week.