Your Brand Goes Best with DCAT

Whether you’re advertising through one of DCAT’s digital media outlets or sponsoring a program or an event, Member Companies can benefit from associating with DCAT’s strong brand.

  • We offer education sessions on unique and timely topics that can assist with the business of your company. DCAT also offers a variety of personal development sessions and technology overviews that Member Company representatives, in any part or any level of your business, can enjoy.
  • Our diverse Member Company base provides for interaction and networking with over 500 of the industry’s most influential companies.
  • Our DCAT Week event offers boundless opportunities to associate your brand with the industry’s premier event and reach the high-level decision-makers in attendance.
  • Advertising opportunities in DCAT Value Chain Insights are offered exclusively to DCAT Member Companies to enable them to reach a high-profile audience involved in the Bio/Pharmaceutical manufacturing value chain: from raw materials to intermediates to drug substances (small molecules and biologics) to drug products to packaging and the related supply chain. This publication has a dedicated website at with over 25,000 pageviews each month. A weekly DCAT Value Chain Insights e-newsletter is also delivered directly by email every Friday to over 9,300 subscribers.

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Here’s how your Member Company can Build your Brand with DCAT

Industry Education Webinars held throughout the year and developed by DCAT’s Education Committee, Supply Management Committee, and Alliance for Industry Women

Website Advertising on DCAT Value Chain Insights

Podcast Advertising on DCAT’s Value Chain Insights Podcasts

The DCAT Week Event has numerous ways to promote your company and showcase your brand in a way that won’t get lost in a sea of advertising.  Opportunities include:

  • Education Programs & Networking Events
  • Branding on Walls, Columns, Elevators
  • Hotel Key Cards
  • WIFI and other Tech Options
  • Member Lounges
  • Event Marketing Web Banners
  • DCAT Week Preview and Digital advertising
  • Mobile App
  • Customized Sponsorships & Advertising
  • Hospitality Events
  • Annual Dinner Ballroom Videos
  • And More!
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