Powering Industry Relationships
Since 1890

Powering Industry Relationships
Since 1890

About DCAT

Founded in 1890, the Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association, Inc. (DCAT) is a not-for-profit, corporate member-supported, and volunteer-led global business development association for companies engaged in the Bio/Pharmaceutical manufacturing value chain.

DCAT has been providing a life-long collegial community for its Member Companies, and their representatives, for over 130 years. DCAT helps build relationships within its unique member company profile that includes the Bio/Pharmaceutical industry’s entire manufacturing value chain.

DCAT creates objective, expert-driven education programs and informational services, so its Member Companies can easily gain insight into industry market trends, best practices, and the issues impacting the industry.

Membership in the DCAT organization provides real value by offering events, programs, services, branding opportunities, and more at affordable corporate membership rates.

The DCAT organization ensures that Member Companies have an appropriate forum for high-level, strategic business meetings, timely educational sessions, and essential networking opportunities by hosting DCAT Week and the DCAT Annual Dinner each year in New York City.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to provide a wide range of learning experiences and industry activities that enhance knowledge and create opportunities for members to expand their network of customers and suppliers throughout the global Bio/Pharmaceutical manufacturing value chain.

Our Vision

DCAT is the unparalleled source for industry knowledge and business connections for our member community to enable innovation and advance medicines.