About DCAT

About DCAT

Who are our Members?

DCAT members include the world’s leading companies who represent a broad range of products and services for the entire Bio/Pharmaceutical manufacturing value chain:

  • Innovator Bio/Pharmaceutical companies
  • Generic drug and biosimilar companies
  • CDMOs/CMOs:
    • APIs (small molecules and biologics) and intermediates
    • Drug products (solid dosage, parenteral, and specialty dosage forms)
  • Suppliers:
    • Chemicals used in Bio/Pharmaceutical production
    • Excipients
    • Bioprocessing aids and consumables
  • Distributors, manufacturing representatives, and agents
  • Packaging companies:
    • Contract packaging services
    • Packaging materials and components
  • Support technologies and specialized service providers:
    • Bio/Pharmaceutical equipment
    • Analytical instrumentation
  • Logistics and supply-chain services
  • Consulting
  • Licensing

Who Participates in our Organization?

Membership in the DCAT organization is Corporate. All full-time employees of a DCAT member company are entitled to the benefits of membership.

Individuals who generally participate with the DCAT organization are C-suite, senior, and mid-level executives involved in sourcing, procurement, and supply management; business development, sales, and marketing; manufacturing; and corporate-related support functions, including licensing.