Primary Business Categories

Primary Business Categories

Member Category Descriptions

Pharmaceutical/Biopharmaceutical Companies

Innovator Drug Company
Companies (Large Pharma, Mid-Tier/Specialty Pharma, and Emerging Pharma Companies) whose primary business activity is to develop, commercialize, and/or market new drugs (human health and/or animal health).
Generic-Drug and/or Biosimilar Company
Companies whose primary business activity is to develop, commercialize, and/or market generic drugs (human health and/or animal health drugs) and/or biosimilars.
Over-the-Counter (OTC)/Consumer Healthcare Company
Companies whose primary business activity is to develop, commercialize, and/or market non-prescription (i.e., over-the-counter) drugs.

CDMOs/CMOs/Contract Service Providers

CDMO/CMO: Small-molecule APIs/GMP Intermediates & Custom Synthesis
Contract providers of development and manufacturing services for small-molecule (i.e., chemically synthesized) active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), advanced/GMP intermediates, and custom synthesis services.
CDMOs/CMOs: Biologics
Contract providers of development and manufacturing services for biologics (e.g., recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies) and/or advanced therapies (e.g., cell & gene therapies).
CDMOs/CMOs: Formulation Development/Drug Delivery/Drug-Product Manufacturing
Contract providers of formulation development, drug-delivery products & services, and/or drug-product manufacturing for solid dosage, semi-solid, liquid, parenteral, and specialty dosage forms (e.g., inhalation, transdermal, & other).
Contract Packagers
Contract providers primary and/or secondary pharmaceutical packaging and labeling services.


Suppliers: Catalog APIs/Non-GMP Intermediates
Non-custom (i.e., off-the-shelf/catalog) active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and/or non-GMP intermediates.
Suppliers: Research Chemicals, Catalog Chemicals, Buffers, Reagents, Catalysts & Solvents
Chemicals used in production of drug substances or drug products for research, process development, clinical-scale &commercial manufacturing, and/or QC testing.
Suppliers: Bioprocessing Aids (Upstream & Downstream)
Single-use components, media, filters/membranes, process chromatography (columns, resins) and other materials used in bioprocessing.
Suppliers: Excipients
Non-inert ingredients used in drug-product formulations.
Suppliers: Packaging Materials and Components
Materials used in primary and secondary pharmaceutical packaging (e.g., container-closure systems, vials, stoppers, caps, crimps, bottles, syringes, cartridges, bags, blisters, labels, overwraps, cartons, shipper containers, labels).
Distributor, Manufacturing Representative, Agent
Companies representing one or more suppliers/manufacturers of chemicals, fine chemicals, building blocks/intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients, or other products used in pharmaceutical/ biopharmaceutical production.
Support Technologies/Services Provider
Providers of niche or support technologies/services used in pharmaceutical/ biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing: (e.g., analytical instrumentation, contract analytical testing, production equipment, particle-size engineering services, third-party logistics/supply-chain services, warehousing.


Providers of consulting services on a contract basis in one or more specialty areas related to pharmaceuticals/biopharmaceuticals in the following areas: regulatory, quality, manufacturing, technology transfer, and environmental.

Industry Publications

Pharma industry-related magazines, journals, or other trade publication or periodical.