DCAT Volunteer Community

Committees play an important role in DCAT’s volunteer-driven organization. They are vital to the association’s operation and provide continuity of thinking as well as bringing together a cross section of member knowledge and experience. DCAT’s standing committees are charged with identifying the needs of the members, managing initiatives consistent with the organization’s goals and objectives. Standing committees often have related task forces that are assigned shorter-term projects and assignments. Applications for a Committee or Task Force can be completed year-round. See below for volunteer application.


Alliance for Industry Women Committee

Responsible for programs and special events that will create opportunities to educate, inform and inspire the women in the pharmaceutical industry. The committee activities include creating quarterly webinars, publications and posting topical social media conversations. The committee also develops and hosts the Women’s Networking Breakfast during DCAT Week.

CHAIR: Elena Polansky, Global External Supply – Internal Medicine Portfolio Lead, Pfizer, Inc.
STAFF LIAISON: Mikaela Venice, Meeting Coordinator

Education Committee

Responsible for identifying the educational needs of the membership and creating quality, value-added programs to enhance the membership’s knowledge, professionalism and business development goals. This committee also assigns work to task forces for DCAT Week education programs.

CHAIR: Allison Vavala, Director, CMC Program & Supplier Relationship Management, Anji Pharma
STAFF LIAISON: Jacob White, Editorial Coordinator
STAFF CONTENT ADVISOR: Patricia Van Arnum, Editorial Director

Member Advantage Committee

Responsible for providing insights and ideas to the Board and staff regarding possible value-added benefits of being a member. Additionally, provide ideas on branding opportunities that could be offered to members for DCAT Week or other events.

CHAIR: Kelsey Achenbach, Global Segment Director, Pharma & Medical Nutrition, DSM Human Nutrition and Health
STAFF LIAISON: Lauryn Kuna, Director of Member Services

Research and Benchmarking Committee

Responsible for identifying and developing research and benchmarking studies of value for DCAT members that examine the crucial issues impacting the pharmaceutical manufacturing value chain and the pharma customer—supplier relationship.

CHAIR: Ken Seufert, CEO, JRS Pharma
STAFF LIAISON: Jim Miller, Content Advisor and Consultant

Science & Scholarship Committee

Responsible for identifying the needs of today’s students and educators and provides them with assistance through a variety of projects, grants and member supported initiatives.

CHAIR: Jason Bertola, Executive Director, Commercial Development, Small Molecules, Lonza AG
STAFF LIAISON: Margaret Timony, Executive Director

Supply Management Committee

Responsible for identifying and developing value-added programs and projects to enhance the knowledge of best practices and those issues and trends that influence those working in the area of Supply Chain Management. Please note that this committee has limited membership and participation is strictly limited to those whose employment function is Sourcing/Procurement/Supply Chain Management.

CHAIR: Pedro Diaz Ferran, Senior Procurement Director, Respiratory Devices and Packaging, GlaxoSmithKline
STAFF LIAISON: Margaret Timony, Executive Director

Value Chain Insights Editorial Committee

Responsible for advising DCAT staff on topics and subjects of interest to DCAT members for DCAT’s Value Chain Insights (VCI), a weekly information resource of DCAT, and for offering feedback on the editorial content of VCI. The breadth and depth of the collective expertise of members of the DCAT Value Chain Insights (VCI) Editorial Committee ensures that VCI serves the varying information needs of DCAT member companies and that VCI delivers topical, salient, and relevant content for DCAT members.

CHAIR: Deborah A. Davis, PhD, Senior Director, Development Sciences, AbbVie
STAFF LIAISON: Jacob White, Editorial Coordinator
STAFF CONTENT ADVISOR: Patricia Van Arnum, Editorial Director

Volunteer Engagement

Representatives of DCAT member companies who are passionate about the DCAT Community and want to give their time and talents to the organization are encouraged to participate on DCAT volunteer committees and task forces. Applications for a Committee or Task Force can be completed year-round.

Before applying for any volunteer position, please review the standing committee information and the DCAT Code of Ethics for Volunteers.


Application Process:

While every application is appreciated, committees often must limit their size in order to assure they can operate efficiently. As for some task forces of a particular committee, please keep in mind that committees can reach out to volunteers at any time. In some cases, formation of a task force is based on projects and specific needs, and therefore, there isn’t any set schedule.


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  • Once completed, email your form to