DCAT Research & Benchmarking

DCAT Research & Benchmarking

DCAT’s 2022 Study: Incorporating Sustainability in the Bio/Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

DCAT’s Research & Benchmarking Committee fielded a survey in late 2021/early 2022 to examine the driving factors surrounding sustainability and the progress being made toward sustainability in the supply chain (including manufacturing, packaging, and logistics) of the bio/pharma industry.

DCAT Member Companies can now access the final complimentary report as a value-added member benefit.

The report examines:

  • Sustainability goals for Bio/Pharma companies and suppliers.
  • Company objectives.
  • Measurable targets for Bio/Pharma companies and suppliers.
  • Timelines to complete sustainability goals/objectives.

The study answers these all-important questions:

  • Have Bio/Pharma companies articulated clear sustainability goals for themselves? For their suppliers? If so, what are the main objectives?
  • Have Bio/Pharma companies set specific, measurable targets for their supply chain and suppliers? If so, how are they measuring them?
  • Are Bio/Pharma companies requiring their suppliers to meet those targets or just encouraging them to do so? How much time have suppliers been given to meet the targets?
  • Have sustainability objectives and targets been integrated into supplier qualification processes? Supplier performance reviews? Regular supplier meetings?

DCAT Member Company employees can download a complimentary copy of the report here.

About DCAT Research & Benchmarking

DCAT Research & Benchmarking is a complimentary, value-added member benefit providing in-depth studies that examine the crucial issues impacting the bio/pharmaceutical manufacturing value chain and the bio/pharma customer—supplier relationship. DCAT Research & Benchmarking studies are developed by the DCAT Research & Benchmarking Committee, composed of member representatives with diverse industry experience, to identify the topics of greatest interest for DCAT member companies and is administered and prepared using an external research firm.

DCAT Research & Benchmarking Report Archives

To access the reports, contact Miriam O’Donnell at modonnell@dcat.org or 856.388.2972. 

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