DCAT Research & Benchmarking

DCAT Research & Benchmarking

Research & Benchmarking Report: Managing Business Continuity Risks

DCAT’s Research & Benchmarking Committee has concluded its latest study, Managing Business Continuity Risks. The newly released study details how Bio/Pharmaceutical companies and suppliers are managing business continuity risks resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and how lessons learned are affecting their approach to supply-risk management overall.

How to Get the Results

The findings of this study are now available for download exclusively to all employees of DCAT Member Companies. DCAT members may obtain a copy of the report by contacting Miriam O’Donnell at modonnell@dcat.org or +1-609-208-1888 ext. 7003.

We encourage all DCAT Member Companies to take advantage of this value-added benefit to evaluate your own company’s best practices for managing supply chain risks in this dynamic global business environment. Please feel free to share his report with colleagues at your company and encourage them to attend the webinar.

Jim Miller, DCAT Content Advisor/Consultant, moderated a virtual panel discussion with DCAT Research and Benchmarking Committee members, which includes representatives from GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, and Lonza, among others.

Key takeaways from the report are gathered in this DCAT Value Chain Insights preview article.

About DCAT Research & Benchmarking

DCAT Research & Benchmarking is a complimentary, value-added member benefit providing in-depth studies that examine the crucial issues impacting the Bio/Pharmaceutical manufacturing value chain and the pharma customer—supplier relationship.

DCAT Research & Benchmarking reports are developed by the DCAT Research & Benchmarking Committee and are administered and prepared using an external research firm.

DCAT Research & Benchmarking Report Archives

To access the reports, contact Miriam O’Donnell at modonnell@dcat.org or +1-609-208-1888 ext. 7003. 

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