About DCAT

About DCAT

Member Dues

The Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association collects yearly dues from its Member Companies to help support programs and services such as industry education, publications, research projects, online member communities, and events such as DCAT Week, the Annual Dinner, various networking events, and the scholarship golf outing.

Registered Memberships can be established for companies based on the number of employees worldwide:

  • 500 or more:   $5,500.00 *
  • 499 or less:      $2,750.00 *

The DCAT organization’s fiscal year is November 1st through October 31st.   Dues are paid annually and coincide with DCAT’s fiscal year.  Invoicing for annual membership dues begins in August and runs through October 31st.  Renewing members with outstanding invoices on November 1st will be charged a 10% re-activation fee.  Companies may join at any time. However, DCAT does not prorate membership dues.

Membership at the Parent Organization Level is encouraged. The DCAT organization has established rules for the level of services and participation allowable for Parent Organizations, Subsidiaries, and Affiliates.  Please check with DCAT’s Director of Membership Services, Lauryn Kuna at lkuna@dcat.org, regarding benefits or dues requirements.

* The 2021 DCAT fiscal year dues rate, Nov. 1, 2020-Oct. 31, 2021.