About DCAT

About DCAT

DCAT Annual Dinner

An Industry Tradition in NYC Since 1926!
Each Thursday evening of DCAT Week, the organization holds its annual black-tie dinner in the NY Midtown-Hilton Hotel’s Grand Ballroom. The dinner, and its pre-and post-hospitality events, are attended by approximately 2,200 member representatives and guests.

Members reserve tables and invite their customers, suppliers, and company colleagues to join them for this industry tradition and highlight of DCAT Week.

The event always features the most interesting and celebrated keynote speakers and a spirited Q & A session.  In recent years, speakers included:

  • Actor/Musician, Will Smith
  • Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton
  • President, William J. Clinton
  • President, George W. Bush
  • Prime Minister, Tony Blair
  • Prime Minister, Dave Cameron
  • Actor/Director, Ron Howard
  • NASCAR legend, Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  • Director/Explorer, James Cameron
  • Actor/Director/Humanitarian, George Clooney
  • Comedian/Actor, Jerry Seinfeld
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