DCAT Research & Benchmarking

DCAT Research & Benchmarking

DCAT’s 2024 Study: 
The Emerging Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Supply Chain Management 

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About the Study

The business and financial industries are intrigued by the potential of artificial intelligence (AI), especially with the availability of the generative AI tool, ChatGPT. Although generative AI is still in its early stages and not fully comprehended, other types of AI, such as machine learning, have been utilized to solve real-world business problems for quite some time.

The bio/pharma industry is quickly adopting AI, particularly in drug discovery. However, it is unclear whether the industry has recognized the potential benefits of using AI in supply chain management. As AI has significant implications for companies throughout the bio/pharma supply chain, the DCAT Research and Benchmarking Committee chose it as the focus of its 2024 study.

This study had four main objectives:

  • Gauge the current status of AI in supply chain management in the bio/pharma industry.
  • Understand the challenges when implementing the technology in the bio/pharma environment, at companies where AI is being tried for supply chain management.
  • Understand what are the barriers to adoption, where it is not being tried or adopted.
  • Help bio/pharma companies and their suppliers understand how the adoption of AI will impact how they work together, and how it might change their relationship.