DCAT Webinar Focuses on Emotional Intelligence

Robbinsville, New Jersey September 22, 2021 — the DCAT Alliance for Industry Women Committee recently invited Emotional Resilience Strategist Sara Westbrook to host a webinar entitled Emotional Intelligence: Developing Strategies to Strengthen Workplace Culture. This hourlong presentation, offered complimentary to employees of DCAT member companies, was sponsored by Aspen API and Cytiva.

According to Westbrook, there are three simple and effective ways to develop emotional intelligence.

Emotional Awareness: being able to recognize your feelings as information in order to utilize them as motivation.

Emotional Management: establishing strategies to react to emotions in a healthy and beneficial way (i.e., meditation, breathing, massaging your hands, etc.).

Emotional Resilience: having the ability to “bounce back” in order to “move forward.”

Westbrook then explained how these traits can help train your brain to make choices beyond emotion in any given circumstance. Unhealthy reactions include avoidance, suppressions, and gut reaction. The key is to always find your calm and remain mindful.

The DCAT Alliance for Industry Women Committee will host another webinar, Lessons in Leadership: an Exclusive Chat with Women Leaders in Pharma, on October 28, 2021.

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