About DCAT

About DCAT

DCAT Week Member Opportunities & Resources

DCAT Member Companies and their representatives have access to a range of opportunities and resources to assist with their business objectives at this important event.

  • Reserve business meeting space at discounted prices at Official DCAT Week Hotels that includes meeting setups, advance food and beverage orders, and yearly right of first refusal
  • Reserve tables or seats at the DCAT Annual Dinner to entertain customers, business partners, and colleagues
  • Opportunity to host a branded post-dinner hospitality event
  • Sponsorship and branding opportunities that enhance the company’s presence at the event
  • Member badge provides access to members-only areas
  • Access to members-only networking receptions
  • Access to members-only lounges and refreshments
  • Ability to add a profile and access attendees via the DCAT Week Mobile App
  • Ability to register and take advantage of the most informative and timely education programs and keynotes at deeply discounted below-market pricing
  • Use of logo and complimentary DCAT Week branding kits for members*

*DCAT and DCAT Week logos are registered trademarks of the Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association and are reserved for Member Companies’ use.

Contact us to make the most out of your DCAT Week experience!

Lauryn Kuna, Director of Member Services


Mikaela Venice, Meeting Coordinator